“Amy is a helpful and well-informed person who devotes her time to helping you out. She has kindly taken it upon herself to conduct research to help me out and to better improve my own health. She’s willing to answer questions and to offer advice. She never judges and always offers support and encouragement in a warm and non-judgemental way.” Sarah

Nutrition By Amy offers one-on-one online nutrition consultations.

Initial Consultation

In this appointment, we will:

  • Discuss your health history, health issues, family history
  • I will explain health issues from a Nutritionist perspective and any implications of these
  • Create a tailored treatment plan for you
  • Tailor dietary advice specifically for you, including recipes, handouts with guidelines to assist you

Follow Up Consultation

In this appointment, we will:

  • Discuss how you are tracking with your treatment plan
  • Make any changes needed to better suit you
  • Provide ongoing support for you and your needs
  • Ensure you are getting the best possible support
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