Say no to sugary drinks!

For years, I’ve had a soft drink addiction, which likes to pop up again every time I’m under stress. I know it’s bad for me but I do it anyway.

The way I curb my addiction when I’ve tried to go cold turkey but it hasn’t worked is by drinking Kombucha.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is filled with a tonne of gut loving probiotics.

My favourite brand is Remedy Kombucha but there are so many good ones on the market, e.g. Nexba and due to them being a fantastic, healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks, there is an increase of them on the market.

I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease therefore I have to watch what I eat and what I drink otherwise it shows in my liver. Soft drink is one of the worst things I can do to it but I do it anyway because it’s my only vice. It’s an abusive relationship. I’m not proud of it. I don’t even like the overly sugary taste. But, it’s an addiction.

Kombucha is also a fantastic alcohol alternative. It’s zero alcohol, which serves my NAFLD magnificently, but going by some of the ones I’ve tried, you wouldn’t know it. Remedy’s Apple Crisp tastes exactly like Apple Cider.

So, next time you go to buy that sugary soft drink, try a Kombucha instead.

Health benefits include:
– it’s a source of probiotics
– it may provide the benefits of green tea
– it contains antioxidants
– it kills bacteria
– it may reduce heart disease risk
– it may help manage type 2 diabetes
– it may help protect against cancer
– it’s super healthy when made properly

Another way to cut down on your sugary drinks intake is by drinking iced tea. There are so many that you can buy on the market, just like these from Nexba.

When choosing the perfect iced tea, I look for:
– a green tea base (I just prefer green tea, there’s nothing wrong with black tea)
– 0g sugar
– nothing artificial
– Australian made
– a taste that I enjoy

The benefits include:
– hydration (duh!)
– antioxidants
– could help fight cancer
– doesn’t harm tooth enamel
– source of manganese (healthy wound healing, makes your bones stronger and supports metabolism
– it is an excellent de-stressor
– supports heart health

Like everything though, it should be drunk in moderation, with water as your main source of liquid intake.

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