After my diagnosis last week, I wanted to take the time and read up on glucose. No one likes being told that they’re on the verge of becoming diabetic. However, in some cases such as mine, it is possible to fix before it’s too late. So, let’s first look at glucose.

Glucose is the sugar you eat that you get energy from. As it moves through your body, it’s called blood glucose or blood sugar. Insulin is the hormone responsible for moving glucose from your blood into the cells for energy and storage. Those with diabetes have a higher level of glucose in their blood. They either have an insulin deficiency (type 1 diabetes) or their cells don’t respond to insulin as they should (type 2 diabetes).

High blood sugar can increase heart disease, heart attack and stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage and retinopathy.

To counteract this, the following is a list of foods to lower or regulate your blood sugar:
– broccoli and broccoli sprouts
– seafood
– pumpkin and pumpkin seeds
– nuts and nut butter
– okra
– flax seeds
– beans and lentils
– kimchi and sauerkraut
– chia
– kale
– berries
– avocado
– oats and oat bran
– citrus (oranges, grapefruit)
– kefir and yoghurt
– eggs
– apples

Adding these into your diet, as well as keeping up regular fitness and a balanced diet will do you the world of good. I can’t wait to see my blood test results in three months and know that I have conquered this!

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